Wednesday, September 29, 2010

" This was somethin special , this was just like dynamite.. "

EH . today .. real boring . And this is gonna be pretty short today cause i'm just too tired to write anymore. yeah. so today ; woke up , did all the regular stuff, went on to school had math and healthy living , then history and french and then bio . Pretty much did notes in all of those, besides math..

So yeah , then after school , trotted on up to frank robs for some duke /: which is finally over now :D so that's lovely .

And now , just got home and going to study for the rest of the night.. yaaaay.. fun night .

Yeah , and today's pictures ? just some more from the summerrrr. :) I need some new material .. js .

Anyways , yeah , that's about it ! Write more tomorrow ,

- Danielle .

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

" We touch I feel a rush, we clutch it isn't much, but it's enough to make me wonder what's in store for us.. "

Hey Hey Hey! :)
Summer '10 with the sister ♥

So , yeah ! today , pretty boring . Woke up freeeeeeezing again.. yay. Got a shower, did my hair , ate a yogurt, did my makeup , went on to school . Rest of the day was pretty lame .. History , French , Bio , English , and then Scienceeeee . fun daaay..

Jenna's going away bbq :)

Then came home after school and had guitar and piano yet again. I hate making up lessons.. but it's all done for this week which is just dandy :)

Then came home from that , and starting to study for next week's history test.. ;/ buddy she's gonna be bad.. And currently i'm procrastinating about reading even more chapters of to kill a mockingbird.. joy..

Once I finish that I'm probably gonna study again seeing as I have noooo idea what we're doing in history ;) so yeah tonight should be a party. Anyways, that's about it! Write more tomorrow :)

And yeah , the pictures for today ? just some from over the summer ♥ I hate fall .. js .

- Danielle

Monday, September 27, 2010

" I don't know how you do what you do, I'm so in love with you .. "

Heeey ! Today ? boorrrrrrinnggg.
but it was actually half decent outside, which made me happy :)

So yeah, woke up FREEZING cold.. got out of bed and decided that i should probably start getting ready for school.. Done my make-up, and all that jazz, ate my grilled cheese, finished my hair and went on to school!
First period; had biology , fun tiimeesss.
Second; english , woot. to kill a mockingbird.. my fave. /;

Third; Science.. eh . fml , notes from the beginning of class to the end.. love my teacher..
Fourth; Math , Ms.Byrne :) hahah , woot mathh. good tiiimess.
Fifth; Healthy Living , 8 minutes of cardio and then some soccer baseball ;D lovely way to end the daaay .
Anywho, after school ; came home , went outside for a bit , came in and had supper , just finished some homework, bath soon , reading then bed ♥ great day . Write more tomorrow !

P.s; the picture ? from our duke hike last weekend.. NOT a fun time. js .

-Daniellee .

Sunday, September 26, 2010

" There you go making my heart beat again .. "

Kayso, here's the deal . Kinda haven't posted in like 3 months.. I didn't even remember what the web address for this thing was? Pure commitment right there...

But anywhooo! Because some people find this blog so amusing  I'm hoping to actually keep this going this time.. ;) but yeah , knowing me? probs not gonna happen. But I suppose the least i can do is try!

And yeah , this picture's pretty old now , but i gotta say I miss 9-6. ♥ Loved this class, and keeping :) ahaha .

Anyways, I think that's suitable for today! Post again tomorrow.