Tuesday, September 28, 2010

" We touch I feel a rush, we clutch it isn't much, but it's enough to make me wonder what's in store for us.. "

Hey Hey Hey! :)
Summer '10 with the sister ♥

So , yeah ! today , pretty boring . Woke up freeeeeeezing again.. yay. Got a shower, did my hair , ate a yogurt, did my makeup , went on to school . Rest of the day was pretty lame .. History , French , Bio , English , and then Scienceeeee . fun daaay..

Jenna's going away bbq :)

Then came home after school and had guitar and piano yet again. I hate making up lessons.. but it's all done for this week which is just dandy :)

Then came home from that , and starting to study for next week's history test.. ;/ buddy she's gonna be bad.. And currently i'm procrastinating about reading even more chapters of to kill a mockingbird.. joy..

Once I finish that I'm probably gonna study again seeing as I have noooo idea what we're doing in history ;) so yeah tonight should be a party. Anyways, that's about it! Write more tomorrow :)

And yeah , the pictures for today ? just some from over the summer ♥ I hate fall .. js .

- Danielle

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