Monday, September 27, 2010

" I don't know how you do what you do, I'm so in love with you .. "

Heeey ! Today ? boorrrrrrinnggg.
but it was actually half decent outside, which made me happy :)

So yeah, woke up FREEZING cold.. got out of bed and decided that i should probably start getting ready for school.. Done my make-up, and all that jazz, ate my grilled cheese, finished my hair and went on to school!
First period; had biology , fun tiimeesss.
Second; english , woot. to kill a mockingbird.. my fave. /;

Third; Science.. eh . fml , notes from the beginning of class to the end.. love my teacher..
Fourth; Math , Ms.Byrne :) hahah , woot mathh. good tiiimess.
Fifth; Healthy Living , 8 minutes of cardio and then some soccer baseball ;D lovely way to end the daaay .
Anywho, after school ; came home , went outside for a bit , came in and had supper , just finished some homework, bath soon , reading then bed ♥ great day . Write more tomorrow !

P.s; the picture ? from our duke hike last weekend.. NOT a fun time. js .

-Daniellee .

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