Wednesday, September 29, 2010

" This was somethin special , this was just like dynamite.. "

EH . today .. real boring . And this is gonna be pretty short today cause i'm just too tired to write anymore. yeah. so today ; woke up , did all the regular stuff, went on to school had math and healthy living , then history and french and then bio . Pretty much did notes in all of those, besides math..

So yeah , then after school , trotted on up to frank robs for some duke /: which is finally over now :D so that's lovely .

And now , just got home and going to study for the rest of the night.. yaaaay.. fun night .

Yeah , and today's pictures ? just some more from the summerrrr. :) I need some new material .. js .

Anyways , yeah , that's about it ! Write more tomorrow ,

- Danielle .

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